I bought a drone and then broke it by crashing it into a tree so I bought a second more expensive drone

If I were a hooker I’d be the fancy type that gets paid to live in an underwater hotel

h*ck yes I want extended financing!

which has more APR, bigger is better!

windows will always have more installs per year than linux cause if u use windows u gotta reinstall every month when it breaks

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I'm never going to refer to the instance as a "safe space" or ban anyone just for occasionally acting like a jerk in an argumentβ€”I'd probably have to ban myself fairly quickly. However, it will also never be described as anything like "an absolute free speech group". There's a reasonable middle ground between those extremesβ€”I believe that it's possible to support the ability to freely discuss important and controversial topics without also being obligated to allow threats, harassment, and hate speech.